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Wooden houses manage to be one of the most popular house models of all ages with their timeless types.
Wooden houses are a more ecological and economical alternative to traditional brick and concrete houses. These wooden houses are made from natural, non-petroleum materials that are recyclable and biodegradable and are also considered ‘ecological’. Wood absorbs and releases moisture from the surrounding environment.
Wood is alive. A wooden house is warm, durable and characterful. Wood is a natural material and a wooden house is environmentally friendly, green and has a low carbon footprint. A wooden house is comfortable. Timber is sustainable and one of the oldest building materials.
All over the world, the popularity of wooden houses is increasing. Energy efficiency, healthy living environment, short construction period and affordable prices are important factors. Wood is also strong, durable, flexible and fire resistant when properly treated.
Wooden houses are environmentally friendly and healthy for living.
Wooden houses are very healthy, wooden material has the unique ability to “breathe” and balance the indoor climate. Air passes through the wood grain, is cleaned, moisturized and provides comfortable warmth. Thus, the house always maintains a comfortable microclimate, and this is especially important for children and people with different allergies. It has been established that the warm and natural color of wood positively affects the mood of the person, relaxes the nervous system and creates friendly conditions for recreation. It is clear that a wooden house is not just a building, but a special world where you can invite your friends and family.
What Are The Advantages Of Wooden Structures?
Wood framed buildings are much lighter, which leads to Low cost substrates and makes them more earthquake resistant. They have very good insulation, which means significant energy savings for heating in winter and summer air conditioning.
Are wooden houses safe?
Wooden houses can withstand numerous storms and earthquakes up to 9 Richter scale. Security complete with beauty, now what a combination this would be! Wood is considered a natural insulator and is very effective in keeping the dwelling warm.
Are wooden houses earthquake resistant?
Wood’s ability to withstand high loads for short periods of time and retain its flexibility and ultimate strength can be a value in seismic and high-wind regions. Timber-framed buildings are typically lighter than those made of concrete and steel and reduce inertial seismic forces.

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