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Bay 99 Construction - Steel Construction

Due to its lightness, it is exposed to less earthquake loads, it is robust, it saves labor and time in manufacturing and assembly, different construction systems can be applied, it is fast, can be disassembled and reassembled many times, it is long-lasting, the steel is 100% recyclable and this process is done no matter how many times, does not lose its properties and does not harm the environment.
– The assembly of the produced steel material is faster.
– Material waste is low.
– When the steel material is removed, it can be used elsewhere with little loss.
– It is more resistant to earthquakes.
– Where the openings are large, gaps that cannot be crossed with reinforced concrete can be easily passed with steel.
– The foundation cost is more economical as steel construction structures are lighter than the reinforced concrete system.
– It is used for a long time.
– It is a recyclable material.
It is economical and aesthetic. Steel structure is defined as the structures made by using galnized steel after the cold forming process.
These structures have many advantages. One of these advantages is that steel can be shaped as desired due to its flexibility.
Due to the durability of steel, a structure can serve for a long time and therefore it is very economical. In the structures made of steel, the bearing systems of the building are highly resistant to corrosion and rotting.
What are the Advantages of Steel Structures?
Steel can resist tensile strength more than reinforced concrete structures. This is possible when structures need to be expandable and the strength of a structure needs to be increased by strengthening. But the same cannot be achieved for reinforced concrete structures. In structures made of steel, the carrier systems, ie columns, are smaller in size.
Due to this feature, it provides extra usage area for other systems to be used in the building. Steel structure provides significant cost savings because the materials to be used are light and this leads to less labor. As a result, the total cost is reduced. Assembly operations can be done in a shorter time compared to reinforced concrete structures.
Constructed as reinforced concrete and lasting one year, the construction period can be completed in a couple of months with steel structure technology. They are more resistant to destructive effects caused by earthquakes compared to concrete structures. Because the load to be carried by the carrying systems of the building is less. This is a characteristic of the steel material used.
Steel building materials can be used many times. This feature is due to the increase in the recycling rate of steel. Materials can be removed from one structure and used in another structure. This process can be repeated many times, but the same is not valid for reinforced concrete parts. For this reason, the waste rate in steel materials is very low. Structures made using steel constructions are quite diverse.
It is possible to use light steel materials such as heavy steel or prefabricated according to the needs. The materials used allow the construction of insulated or non-insulated structures. There are various structures such as shopping malls, airport buildings, aircraft hangars, elevator tower systems, sports facilities, base station systems among the structures made using steel materials.
Steel structure carrier systems can offer advantageous opportunities up to 10 times compared to other building systems. This type of structure Turkey has a gradually increasing momentum in recent years, when considered in private. Although the reasons for choosing steel constructions are various, there are prominent points among these advantages. For example, they can be disassembled and used over and over again.

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