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Our professional team performs pre-construction ground and foundation study.


Our project services have several stages. Such as architecture, static, mechanics.


Our Architectural Services, interior and exterior designs, environment and arrangement services.


Architectural, mechanical, electrical, infrastructure and static projects, restoration and strengthening services.


Founded in 2005, our company in the construction sector of Turkey, Afghanistan and Dubai has also spent a number of projects to life. We take the empty plot from the customer, design and build it. Our every project is our pride.

Taking into account the finest details of all our domestic and international projects, we are not only proud of our devoted efforts….

Specialist in Design and Construction Project

Bay99 Construction, we are proud of their customer service and satisfaction. Undertake a wide range of projects. Bay99 treats each project with the attention, expertise, professionalism and personalization it deserves.

Our customers' projects are an investment in the future.

Our job is to make design a reality

There are different types of architectural firms that offer a wide range of services. While some companies only do design and technical work, some companies do only technical work and do not design too much. Full-service companies will do both and work on a project from start to finish. Bay99 is proud to serve you from A to Z.

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